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A well is a hole in the earth from which fluid is withdrawn. Although water wells are the most common type, oil, gas, and mining wells also exist. A well is made by reaching the water table. Wells can be made in a variety of ways, digging, driving, boring, or drilling. Artesian wells in metamorphic rock are another plentiful source of groundwater well systems resources.

Wells draw water up from the ground, called ground water. Ground water is stored naturally below the Earth's surface. Most ground water originates as rain or snow that seeps into the ground and collects. Ground water provides about 50 percent of the fresh water used in the United States. Most rural areas, and many cities depend on ground water as their source for water. The earth's crust holds more water than all rivers and lakes combined. Groundwater needs only secondary treatment resulting in less impurity and less cost ! Private groundwater well systems are DROUGHT resistant.


Middle GA Water Systems provides the latest in well drilling equipment such as the Ingersoll-Rand T4W and T3W as shown to the left. This equipment can handle wells with sizes of 4", 6", 8" and 10" in diameter. This equipment combined with state of the industry pumps, filters, etc... make Middle GA Water's the best in the industry. Drilling private water well systems in Middle Georgia is one of the best  solutions for your water needs.

Middle GA Water Systems also provides the latest in bored well industry standards by using the best equipment.  This use of advanced technology and assets makes a bored well from Middle GA Water an excellent option for your groundwater well.



Middle Georgia has expanded its capabilities to include well design, project-specific implementation, proper pump sizing and installation, along with well analysis (pump testing and recovery rate). Support functions include coordination with professional geologists, well instrumentation, risk management suggestions for aquifer protection, and pumping recommendations for specific project requirements.



Middle GA Water Systems provides geothermal drilling resources. We can provide excellent referrals to outside companies and agencies to help you meet your geothermal loop designs. Call us or email us and we'll work with you to meet your needs. Here are some links to help you in your search: 1) US Dept of Energy  2) Geo Thermal Fact sheet 3) IGSHPA  4) Waterfurnace.com



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