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A little historical perspective is always useful. Apparently the French were the first -to use an underground septic tank system, back in the 1870's. By the mid 1880's, two chamber, automatic siphoning septic tank systems, similar in concept to those used today, were being installed in the United States. Even now, a century plus later, septic tank systems represent a major household wastewater treatment option. Fully 1/4 to 1/3 of the homes in the US utilize such a system.

A septic tank system includes an underground tank and leach field A well designed and maintained concrete, fiberglass or plastic tank should last about 50 years. Because of corrosion problems, steel tanks may only last a decade or less. Most typical is a two compartment septic tank. The size of the tank will vary depending upon local codes, but a typical tank for a family of four would have a liquid capacity of 1,500 gallons. Typically there are two basic types of systems - Conventional and Alternative


Conventional systems include a wide variety of equipment and technology. Types of conventional systems are: Chamber, Ground, Pump, Grease Traps.  All of these systems are state-certified while Middle GA also offers drain line repairs on both new and used systems. Conventional systems can serve the residential, commercial and industrial market areas.



Middle GA's alternative septic tank systems include Peat Moss, Aerobic and various pump systems. Drain-line repairs as well as grease traps can also be covered in this category as well. All alternative systems offered are state-certified.



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